Paul White for School Board Trustee, District G, At-Large

Washoe County School District

The REAL Situation in Our WCSD Schools, AND the Solutions

1) Drugs/Violence/Chronic Absence

  • 30-60% daily absences/tardy rates with no consequences
  • 50-75% of secondary students using drugs at school
  • Violent, abusive treatment of teachers and other students

SOLUTION: Enforce existing Nevada Revised Statutes and institute the West Valley Learning Academy Voluntary Drug-Testing Program in all secondary schools

2) Academic Failure

  • An AVERAGE national ranking of 50th (worst in the nation) for over 10 years
  • 60-85% of students test functionally illiterate
  • 90% of graduates do not qualify for college level classes
  • Direct, accountable student instruction is greatly lacking
  • Curriculum focuses on social engineering and political indoctrination rather than academic learning

SOLUTION: Solving Item #1 will create a learning environment that is respectful and effective. Better supervision of teachers by school principals will improve instructional success.

3) NO Operational Transparency

  • Board Policies 4500 [LINK] and 4505 [LINK] threaten jobs of employees who tell the truth, and prevent meaningful observations by parents and community – NO TRANSPARENCY!
  • Current board meeting venue and time prevent community involvement
  • Board members refuse to make meaningful classroom observations
  • Board agendas restrict Public Comment and refuse to discuss major student issues

SOLUTION: A larger Board Meeting venue and later starting time that accommodates the community, rescind Board Policies 4500 and 4505, and reinstate Public Comment as the first Agenda item.

4) Moral Decay

  • Teaching on sexuality and identity is: lacking in scientific and legal facts, biased, perverse, and pits students and the schools AGAINST parents and America’s traditional moral/spiritual values.

SOLUTION: Teach accurate biology, teach the State laws regarding sexual behavior for minors, and teach the inseparability of sexual behavior and moral/spiritual values.