Paul White for School Board Trustee, District G, At-Large

Washoe County School District

My Message to WCSD Teachers and Support Staff:

If I’m elected to the school board, teachers will finally have a board member who has been a lifetime classroom teacher and principal at all levels – someone who knows firsthand what teachers’ greatest challenges are. I will be your strongest advocate.

Increasing teacher pay is important, but anyone who believes that increasing salaries is the biggest challenge teachers face, knows NOTHING about the profession.

As a board member: 

  • I will demand that teachers receive the respectful behavior from ALL students that every teacher MUST have in order to effectively teach students. By law, NO teacher can EVER be forced to keep a student in their class who disrupts teaching and learning in any way.
  • I will work to have 90% or more of your students in class and on time every day. I will demand that principals and the superintendent fully enforce state laws regarding court appearances and fines for parents and children who don’t comply with attendance laws until the situation is either corrected or the student is assigned to home study.
  • Your school principals will be held ultimately responsible for correcting chronically unacceptable student behavior. Until the behavior is corrected, students will either be repeatedly suspended or assigned to home study.
  • Board Policies 4500 and 4505 will be rescinded so that NO teacher or staff member who publicly reports dangerous, illegal, or abusive situations in their schools will be punished or threatened with a loss of their jobs.  These WCSD policies are unconstitutional and were wrongfully approved.